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Sai Karate Academy is well known and 1st ranked academy in Gurugram.  It is founded in 2002 by Shihan Sunil Saini, He is the director of this academy and also well renowned Coach.
Karate training in Sai Karate Academy is not taught as a self-defense skill, rather as a WAY OF LIFE. This has helped the students in maintaining discipline, self-control and good etiquettes in their day to day activities and above all being a good human being & a good contributor to the society. Martial Art (Karate, Kick Boxing, Taekwondo, MMA etc.) does not teaches us to fight only but also make us understand the situation we are into and help us to remain calm and cool to face the threat. Sai Karate Academy is well equipped with weapons, equipments and instruments of martial art coaching and thus continues with the mission of spreading Karate/martial art in society.

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All Skill Level

Testing consists of demonstration of techniques before belt color in karate gets darker with each skill level. … As a brown belt, a student is expected to know all the basic techniques of karate and to have strong …

Fully Qualified

Karate is a sequence of movements and represents various offensive and  Experienced fully qualified instructors.We Have provide Technically qualified coaches to conduct karate class. A number of school and institutions have availed our services.

Traditional Karate

 Traditional karate is based on the conception of the “finishing blow”.Traditional karate competition is entirely based an the art of self-defence. For example, only the finishing blow technique is awarded a point.

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