Sensei Sunil Saini

Sensei Sunil Saini established Sai Karate Academy in 2002. He is 5 th Dan Black belt and has won many medals in international level tournaments. He Believes Karate is a game of mind and technique and players should keep this thing in mind. He fetched black belt in karate at the age of 14. He was just six year old when he started practicing karate. He believes that practice makes a man perfect and a true sportsman should never skip his practice sessions. He has brought many laurels for India at international championships held in Nepal (1999), Bhutan (2000), Srilanka (2001), Nepal (2004), Bangladesh (2005), Malaysia (2007) and Bhutan (2010). Sensei Sunil Saini has over 15 years rich experience in teaching karate. He is the well known name when it comes to teaching and training karate. As an instructor he is very connected to all his students and ensures each one of them excells to the best of their abilities. He always utilize his skills & experience to train students to get best out of them and help students in developing sports skills, physical fitness, and win competitions & tournaments.