Sai Karate Academy is well known and 1st ranked academy we have comfortable bench, chair, and sofa seating for parents to view their students’ progress and parents can keep an eye on the activities of children

  • To facilitate a wide variety of training approaches is equipped with equipments like Focus Pad, kicking shields, Variety of Punch Bags, Good Quality Mats, Protection Kit.
  • We have multiple facilities to ensure the students/kids to practice in hygienic and safe environment.
  • We are providing Training Mats/padded floor and huge space to teach students Karate/martial arts techniques and training with a variety of martial arts weapons. Which means, no matter what class you or your child attend, you can feel secure knowing they’re in a safe environment.
  • We are providing Fully Air Conditioner classes to students.
  • We also have separate batches for Kids, Adult and females keeping in view their comfort level and convenience.
  • We are providing top quality & professional equipments/Kit for students practice.
  • We have not set any age bar for learners.
  • We provides free diet counseling and doctor counseling to students.
  • We also have a changing room facility for students.


You will be able to take full advantage of our purpose fitted dedicated Karate/Martial Arts training center and waiting area where you can watch the classes taking place.

This allows our members to train much more safely on a clean cushioned floor that is designed specifically for the purpose it is being used for, rather than having to hope for the best when using village halls and the like which are hired out to many different users.

The majority of martial arts are practiced in bare feet so having a clean and safe floor is essential for safe practice. We can guarantee ours always will be, something which is not so easy when using non-specialist facilities. Having our own dedicated premises allows us to offer you more classes and guarantees that we can operate to the highest levels of health and safety.

The equipment that we utilize is suitable for practicing Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing and etc. it has proven a significant investment to get our sai karate academy  up and running, but one that all of our members enjoy and gain from. If you are interested in learning a Karate, you won’t find a better place in sai karate academy to learn.

All of our classes are held at our professionally equipped karate centre, the address is sai karate academy. DSS-52, Sector-5, Huda Market Near HDFC Bank.